GoPro Camera Mount
In 2008 the idea of a Roll cage camera mount came to us through a customer who wanted to mount his small Oregon Scientific ATC2K digital camera to his Sand Car. After ordering one of those cameras online we tried it and thought, cool little camera! So we got to work on a mount that would put up with the abuse of off-roading. We wanted it to be able to adjust to as many angles as possible to achieve interesting perspectives, but also keep the camera from moving on the famous Sand Highway wash board road. After the first prototype was made we put it through real world testing at all the local riding spots. It worked great, was easy to adjust, stayed where we put it, and you could take off the camera quickly to take with you or store in a secured place. People were starting to notice videos going up on YouTube of their off-road adventures, and wondering who could hold the camera that steady. We took our mounts to the Super Sport Sand Show, and started to sell to those who wanted to capture their trips out in the great beyond. Well... trying to keep this short, the small wearable camera wars were heating up. A small operation in Half Moon Bay was selling a waterproof camera that at first looked like it could be a contender in the camera wars, but time would tell. They had a website, so I put it in my favorites, so I could check progress, or see if they stayed around. Then they came out with a slight modification by changing the lens on the small camera. They called it the GoPro Hero Wide. That changed everything. It showed alot more in the shot, and wasn't as jerky to watch. This put GoPro on top for using in all your sport endeavors. Then came the HD, and the picture was amazing. Needless to say we adapted our mount to use the GoPro cameras, and contacted GoPro to retail this amazing little camera. It has been great to see GoPro achieve the success they deserve by offering this camera for the novice or professional videorgrapher. Also without GoPro we would not have enjoyed the success we've had with the mount. With the HD4, and other features GoPro continues to keep ahead of the competition. Thanks,GoPro.
KW Machine Works GoPro Mount at Work
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